How It Works

Develop baseline for individuals’ behavioural strengths and gaps

Match individuals with an expert coach to guide their development

Provide regular (biweekly) coaching sessions

Reinforce continuous learning through science backed methodologies

Reboot applies cutting edge research in collaboration with our advisory board of behavioural scientists to identify behaviours that lead to greater well-being and enable you to thrive.

This assessment uncovers:

  • Your behavioural strengths and areas of  development

  • Your learning style and needs, which is used to match you with a suitable coach



Reboot has a wide network of top notch coaches, with ICF or similar accreditations and extensive experience in coaching and guiding people.

The 1:1 personalized sessions with coaches provide:

  • A safe, confidential environment to share and discuss issues

  • A trusted partner who is able to  understand your needs, identify  gaps, guide your development and hold you  accountable towards your goals

Effective Coaching


Reboot has built a mobile platform offers these live, video-based conversations with dedicated coaches, regardless of  where you are located.

The mobile platform enables you to:

  • Schedule a session and have your 1:1 conversation with your coach anytime, anywhere

  • Discuss issues, prepare for challenges, and work towards goals 

  • Access coach-recommended content, activities and learning  exercises

Available Anytime, Anywhere


Reboot has a curated library of meaningful interventions and exercises.


Coaches leverage these resources to help you:

  • Reinforce learning

  • Build new strengths

  • Change behaviours & mindsets 

Continuous Learning


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